Why You Feel Bloated

Why You Feel Bloated


The Future: Negative Emissions

“I don’t think we’re going to make it,”  John Doerr, Venture Capitalist, says in an emotional talk about climate change and investment. To create a world fit for his daughter to live in, he says, we need to invest now in clean, green energy. John Doerr, Silicon Valley’s legendary moneyman, is afraid of eco-apocalypse. After building his reputation (and a considerable fortune) investing in high-tech successes, he’s turning his focus toward green technologies, and hoping it isn’t too late.

Our vision is to be leaders in the process of introducing new green technology to the markets. BreezEnergy™ brings economically viable products into segments of the economy that are most heavily dependent upon fossil fuels and subsequently most responsible for generating pollutants contaminating our air and damaging our planet.

We believe that our products are game changers for the consumer and the industry: economically powerful for the user, healthier for the environment and capable of immense value creation for everybody involved.

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